Accord Objectives


The Eastern Beaches Local Area Command Licensed Premises Accord was officially launched at Maroubra Seals Club on 17thSeptember 1999 by the Hon Bob Carr, MP, Premier of NSW and has developed into a strong and proactive group within the community.

Membership of the Accord is voluntary and includes local liquor licensees, the NSW Police, Randwick Council, Liquor and Gaming NSW and other community organisations.

Through the commitment of licensees working with Eastern Beaches Local Area Command, Randwick Council, Liquor and Gaming NSW and other stakeholders, the accord aims to :

•  Reduce alcohol related violence
•  Reduce underage drinking
•  Reduce anti-social behaviour and crime
•  Improve local neighbourhoods
•  Increase compliance with the liquor laws
•  Improve safety for patrons and local communities
•  Improve relationship between police, venue and residents
•  Improve business opportunities
•  Improve image of the liquor industry
•  Reduce drug use and misuse




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