Aug 152017

The next meeting and AGM will be held at ATC Randwick, 11am Tuesday 21 November 2017. Members wishing to stand for election to the executive committee can submit nominations via the project officer prior to the meeting or nominate on the day. Agenda and notice of meeting will be emailed to financial members approximately 2 weeks prior to the meeting. But please, save the date

May 192015

Members received a very detailed presentation on the Changes to Smoking Laws from Health NSW at the May meeting. These changes effect outdoor dining areas, involve mandatory signage and designated dining only and no dining areas.

Resources, information and order form for signage are available at

Nov 162014

OLGR will have limited operations from Weds 24 Dec to Fri 2 Jan.

The Customer service counter at 323 Castlereagh St will close at 5pm Tues 23 Dec & reopen 9am Mon 5 Jan.

Phone service will close 4pm Tues 23 Dec & reopen 9am Mon 5 Jan

If you are ordering signs/products online from OLGR Shop please do so by 8 Dec in order to receive delivery by 19 Dec

Applications for functions/events should be lodged by 28 Nov. Applications received after 28 Nov will be processed in the New Year with the exception of applications for limited licence.

Phone services for complaints will continue to be serviced over Christmas New Year with exception of public holidays

For further information please visit

Jul 142014

Local cafes and restaurants across Randwick City are providing free breathalysers to help patrons check their blood alcohol level after dinner before jumping in the car.

Under the joint initiative between the Eastern Beaches Liquor Accord and Randwick City Council, participating restaurants and cafes over the Easter and Anzac Day Long week end will receive more than 200 single-use breathalysers so patrons can check whether they are over the legal blood alcohol limit.

Participating restaurants and cafes will receive more than 200 single-use breathalysers so patrons can check whether they are over the legal blood alcohol limit.

Chairman of the Eastern Beaches Liquor Accord Peter Reid said he is pleased to be working with Randwick Council on this community safety program.

“Most ‘safe drinking’ campaigns focus on pubs and clubs but it’s important not to overlook licensed restaurants when educating the community.”

Randwick Mayor Murray Matson said drink driving is a factor in about one in five fatal crashes in NSW.

“You don’t have to be drunk to be affected by alcohol.  You might feel sober, but no one drives well after drinking alcohol. Even at a low blood alcohol range, your ability to judge distances diminishes, while your tendency to take risks increases,” said the Mayor.

Participating restaurants include:
The Spot, Randwick
Coogee Beach
Teascapes Café at Pinocchio’s
Elysium Restaurant
The Spanish Fly

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Aug 142011

New food laws are in place requiring food service businesses (such as restaurants, cafes, pubs, clubs and takeaways) to appoint at least one licensed Food Safety Supervisor (FSS).

Businesses have until 1 October 2011 to train and appoint a FSS and notify the local council of the details of the appointment.

Mandatory training must be undertaken with a registered training organisation.   For more information visit the NSW Food Authority website at:

For details of training course availability phone 1800 100 047.

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May 142011

One of the latest initiatives being used by the Coogee Bay Hotel to increase customer service and safety has been the introduction of Nightkey technology

Nightkey is a voluntary fingerprint identification system, which links a patron’s ID and photo, when patrons enter the hotel. The patron can refuse to use the fingerprinting system and just supply ID with a driver’s licence and have their photo taken.  For more information on Nightkey click here.

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